Worm FAQs:

Compost Worm Rates

We are currently selling Red Wigglers exclusively

Half Pound $25 + $15 shipping in Canada
One Pound $45 + $18 shipping in Canada
Two Pounds $90 + $20 shipping in Canada
Three Pounds $135 + $22 shipping in Canada

Save $10 when buying 2 pounds of compost worms and a Hungry Bin!

Worms for Delivery via Canada Post

Order Live Worms for Delivery

All our online transactions are processed through our secure Shopify payment platform.

Our worms are delivered via Canada Post and will take a maximum two weeks for delivery. For the safety of our worms, our packages require a signature upon arrival.

Worms for Pickup

Order Live Worms for Pickup

If you live in the Lower Mainland in BC, you can choose to order your worms here and pick them up yourself at our Burnaby warehouse.

Do they really cost that much?

It’s mainly labour! It takes 30 minutes or longer to harvest each batch. In exchange for free food, they help us out with the rent.

How much do I need?

If you have a lot of patience, a half-pound is a good start. These compost worms multiply quite fast and in an ideal environment that could double in 4-6 months. Serious vermicomposters err on the side of more rather than less.

How and where do I buy them?

Worm purchases are by appointment only because we require time to harvest each batch. We harvest your compost worms the same day as your pickup to minimize the time out of the soil, as it can be stressful for the worms.