WormWorx looks forward to signing you up for our foodscrap pickup service. The first step is a phone consultation to determine the level of service you require.

To request a phone consultation, please fill out this quick online form.

I am interested in Foodscrap Pickup Services for my


*For the purposes of our free trial, “first-time client” means the business or building that receives the service, not the person who registers the business or building for the service. For example, if you move into a residential building that’s already had a free trial, you could not register your building for a second free trial. Your building would not be a “first-time client”, even though you weren’t the person who registered the building for the free trial.


We will determine how many pickups and/or bins your establishment requires during our consultation. The following is a breakdown of our rates:

Office Pickups (47 L tote):

# Bins Frequency Cost Per Bin Monthly Cost
1 once a week $13.50 $54

Restaurant, Strata + Residential Building Toter Service (140 L):

# Toters Frequency Cost Per Bin Monthly Cost
1 once a week $14.50 $58
2 once a week $13.50 $108
3 once a week $12.50 $150
4 once a week $11.50 $184

Note: All Toter Service Bins are subject to weight restrictions.
We allow a NET WEIGHT of up to 60KG or 132 Lbs per tote.
We charge $0.12 per KG on NET WEIGHT that is over 60KG.

Example: If you produce 1 Bin of Organics per week, and your NET weight is 70KG – you will be charged for the per bin cost plus the weight cost that is over our 60KG restriction. i.e. $14.50 per bin cost + $1.20 (10KG x $0.12) = $15.70