Don’t let your strata or apartment building gets fined for violating the Vancouver organics ban! Get started today with WormWorx organics pickup, your greenest affordable option. Our 140-litre wheeled Toter is the perfect solution for multi-family residential buildings.

bin-on-whiteWith organics waste coming from multiple units, it doesn’t take long for bins to fill up. For your convenience, we use the WormWorx Clean Bin Switch system: all bins are provided CLEAN and LINED – EVERY TIME. And, we provide all necessary tote liners free of charge. Bin cleaning is part of our greener, cleaner service. Your residents and neighbours will appreciate it.


Residential Building Organics Pickup Rates (140-litre Toter)

1 bin/week costs $58/month
2 bins/week costs $108/month
3 bins/week costs $150/month
4+ bins/week is a flat rate of $11.50 per tote per pick up

Note: All bins are subject to weight restrictions. We allow a net weight of up to 60 kg (132 lbs) per tote. We charge $0.12 per kg on excess net weight, i.e. net weight that is over 60 kg.

Example: If you produce one bin of organics per week, and your net weight is 70 kg, you will be charged $14.50 for one bin + $1.20 for excess net weight (10 kg x $0.12). So your weekly rate will be $15.70 ($14.50 bin charge + $1.20 excess net weight charge).

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