The City of Vancouver has started fining businesses violating the Vancouver organics ban. Don’t wait until your office gets fined!

Get started on an organics waste pickup program by partnering with WormWorx. Our unique and affordable service helps you dispose of your business’ organic waste disposal and helps to put some of that unused organic waste to good use – feeding the worms in our warehouse.


WormWorx’s 47-litre wheeled tote is the perfect solution for a staff kitchen or storefront and its a viable, sustainable option that does a bit more than just haul organics out of sight.

For your convenience, we provide our WormWorx Clean Bin Switch system: all bins are provided CLEAN and LINED – EVERY TIME. And, we provide all necessary tote liners free of charge. Bin cleaning is part of our greener, cleaner service. Your staff will appreciate it!


Office Compost Rates (47-litre tote)

Our office compost rates start at $54 per month plus tax. There are no hidden fees, additional surcharges, or weight restrictions.