WormWorx is the greener, cleaner foodscrap pickup service. Greener, because we compost some of the food waste we collect ourselves. Cleaner, because we drop off a clean, lined bin with every pickup.

WormWorx foodscrap pickup and disposal

WormWorx transfers most of the food waste it collects to Fraser Richmond Soil and Fibre Ltd. Fraser Richmond is the main processor of organic waste for many garbage hauling companies in Vancouver, including the City of Vancouver’s Yard Waste Recycling program. The material we transfer to Fraser Richmond is composted. In some circumstances, methane gas is collected from the material to be used as fuel.

Unlike other food waste services, we compost some of what we collect ourselves, using HUNGRY BIN worm bins housed in our Vancouver warehouse. By doing so, we save the resources that would have been required to transport that food waste out of the city for processing.

bin-on-whiteThe WormWorx Clean Bin Switch system

Other food waste haulers service their bins by dumping out the load and leaving the same bin at the site. As a result, their bins become dirty and stinky

At WormWorx, we take away the full bin and replace it with a clean, lined bin—every time. It’s what we call the Clean Bin Switch system. Sign up with WormWorx and say goodbye to dirty bins!