Take a look at these photos of food waste bins serviced by other organic waste pickup providers. Disgusting!

The reason these bins look like this is the way some companies service their organic pickup bins — and this often ends up with their clients get more than they bargained for. We call this the dump-over system. When one of these bins gets full, a truck comes by, dumps out the load, and leaves the same bin at the site. Week after week. The bins bins get dirty and often, very stinky — what a dump!


When a WormWorx bin gets full, we take away the full bin and replace it with a clean, lined bin — every time. We call this the WormWorx Clean Bin Switch system. (You can see one of our clean, lined bins at the top right of this page.)

Our Clean Bin Switch system ensures that WormWorx customers never find themselves looking at — or smelling — a bin like the ones in those photos. And for our restaurants clients in particular, our system ensures that diners need never run into a dirty bin if they happen to step out back. Which is a good thing, because the bins in those photos could spoil anyone’s appetite.

Why do some people put up with dirty bins, I wonder? Perhaps they believe that helping the environment has to be unpleasant to work properly? You know, like that old motto: “No pain, no gain.” If that’s what those folks are thinking, I have a new motto for them: “Go green, go clean!”