WormWorx is a Vancouver-based company that offers integrated and sustainable green solutions for dealing with organic waste. We start by collecting food waste from restaurants, offices, and multi-unit residential buildings.

Some of the organic waste collected by Wormworx goes into the HUNGRY BIN worm composters we’ve housed in our warehouse. The red wiggler worms that live in our bins produce worm castings, a nutrient-rich soil that makes a great fertilizer. To complete the virtuous circle, WormWorx sells worm castings to the public for use in urban gardens.For people who want to do vermicomposting themselves, we sell the HUNGRY BIN Worm Bin – and the composting worms and bedding required to fill it. In all these ways, WormWorx and our customers are helping Vancouver to achieve its goal of being the greenest city in the world by 2020.